Reverence Film Festival. A Tampa Bay Film film festival and theme event. Fall 2014.



Tampa Bay, Florida

Annual Halloween and horror interactive theme film festival event series by Tampa Bay Film, Frontier Pop, and our stage production company, a nonEarly pre-site Reverence Film Festival test promotional poster. This will change when the site launches. profit production company which will produce all of our film festivals and independent film events.

NEWS 03/18/13 - Added a quick splash graphic banner at the top. Please note that this web site has NOT officially launched. We plan on launching the official web site in the fall of 2013, and will begin accepting film submissions at that time. Currently, we have roughly 70% of what we need to do this film festival event, and will have everything ready a year before it debuts.

NEWS 03/18/13 - We are aware that Rick Danford is resurrecting (pun affectionately intended) his Halloween Horror Picture Show annual horror film festival event series. The Reverence Film Festival proudly supports his film festival, and any film festival which supports independent filmmaking. We will be promoting the Halloween Horror Picture Show, free of charge. One of our Tampa Bay Film teams would also cover his film festivals. We will NOT schedule our film festival where our schedule conflicts with the HHPS, as we will ensure that we will not compete with it. In other news, we are looking into the possibility (and our current site copy reflects this) of debuting the Reverence Film Festival a year earlier than planned, in the Fall of 2014. The schedules of our other film festival and events, starting with the debut of the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series in January 2016, would remain unchanged. In this case, our second Reverence Film Festival event would promote the start of the Tampa Bay Film Showcase, and not the first one, as originally planned. Stay tuned for the launch of our official web site, right here, and more news as it develops!

The Reverence Film Festival is a Tampa Bay Film and Frontier Pop horror and Halloween theme film festival. It is designed to be Tampa Bay’s premier horror and exploitation film festival, and will be an unmatched promotional and marketing platform for horror and exploitation independent film, especially such indie films which are produced in the Tampa Bay area by Tampa Bay filmmakers. Like all Tampa Bay Film film festivals, the emphasis will be on Tampa Bay independent film, although independent films from all over the world will also be in the program. This film festival is affiliated with, and interconnected with, other film festival and independent film event projects of Tampa Bay Film, which include the Tampa Bay Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series,our annual flagship film festival, the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, and the Tampa Bay Film Conference annual independent film industry event series.
The Reverence Film Festival is described as a new species of film festival, and will utilize advanced Interactive Theme Event (ITE) technology from our affiliated stage production company. This annual film festival series will incorporate features which have never been seen before in a film festival event.
The Reverence Film Festival also draws inspiration from the indie film projects of C. A. Passinault, and is infused with atmosphere and influences from the Reverence short film and the feature film project Realms.
Additional inspiration for the Reverence film festival are the great Tampa horror film festivals from the past, which include the four Saints and Sinners film festivals, the Halloween Horror Picture Show film festivals and its Halloweenapalooza event, the Horror and Hotties film festival, the GASP film festival, the Ladies Of The Night film festival, and several others.
The Reverence Film Festivals will be featured in the Tampa Bay area. The first and second film festivals will have some special features that future Reverence Film Festivals may not, such as a keynote presentation from Tampa film festival organizer C. A. Passinault which is more in tune with a Tampa Bay Film Conference presentation than a horror film festival event. The second film festival will also introduce, and lead into, the debut of the Tampa Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series, which will finally debut a few months after that second Reverence. Later Reverence Film Festival events, which will run once per year, will have more horror and Halloween based features, but they will all have features which are not traditionally a part of a film festival.
The Reverence Film Festival will also tie into some Tampa Bay Film underground film festivals, such as our Halloween Drive-In underground film festival. At the time of this writing, the first Halloween Drive-In underground film festival, which is a “film festival in a car”, will occur roughly a year before the debut of the Reverence Film Festival. The second Halloween Drive-In underground film festival will happen shortly before the debut of Reverence, and it will not only tie in closely with the larger film festival, but will have an expanded format from the first “film festival in a car” original.
Details of this film festival are classified. More will be revealed as its debut nears.

Reverence Film Festival. Fall 2014.

A Tampa Bay Film film festival and theme event

FALL 2014

12/31/10 - 08/29/11 - 02/22/13 - 03/18/13 - 10/15/23/1142/

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